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About FLARE 


FLARE aims to provide freshmen liberal arts majors the opportunity to develop both academically and socially within Texas A&M and the College of Arts and Sciences. FLARE offers freshmen the necessary tools and resources to become improved leaders.

How FLARE Works

FLARE is composed of 3 junior directors, 14 sophomore counselors, and 40 freshmen members. All staff members have been a part of FLARE previously. Our size enables us to create a dynamic environment for freshmen to make a big impact within the Texas A&M community and foster strong friendships within the organization. 

General meetings are held from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm every Tuesday night. During this time, FLARE comes together to develop as a group. This is usually accomplished by inviting guest speakers who have valuable lessons to offer. Past speakers have included the Dean of Liberal Arts, James Olson from the Bush School, and many professors from various fields within liberal arts. Committees also use this time to share their statuses on upcoming projects.

Each freshman is placed into one of our 6 committees in late October. Each committee has a certain role in the organization, and members will be able to help plan and organize events within their committee. Freshmen will also choose one of 6 pairs of bigs. Bigs are made up of past FLARE members who don't belong to a committee; they act as extra support by organizing hangouts, meals, and socials with their freshmen.

Our Committees

Public Relations (PR)

PR maintains FLARE’s image on various social media platforms and creates all promotional material for the organization. They design, order, collect funds, and maintain communication with manufacturers of FLARE apparel. 

Finance (FINE)

FINE handles all matters involving raising money for the FLO throughout the year by various means. This includes organizing profit shares at local restaurants and facilities, bake sales, flower sales, etc.

Cultural Inclusion and Academics (CIA)

CIA is in charge of providing academic support and cultural exploration for FLARE members. They help students excel by inviting faculty, organizations, and other inspirational speakers to general meetings and hosting weekly study horus.

Internal Relations (IR)

IR works to keep all FLARE members connected by planning and putting on socials for both general meetings and holidays. They also facilitate FLARE's participation in intramural sports.

Community Outreach (COMMOUT)

COMMOUT is in charge of service and outreach. They coordinate volunteer opportunities for FLARE members and help the organization improve both the university and Bryan/College Station community.

Programs and Special Activities (PSA)

PSA plans and oversees important events for FLARE including road trips, formals, retreats, mixers, and watch parties. In addition, they plan and organize Rev Night, the event where members are placed into their committees.

Majors/Minors We Accept

Because the College of Liberal Arts has been dissolved, it may be harder to tell which majors are within liberal arts and which are not. We are still accepting every major or minor that was previously in the College of Liberal Arts:

  • Anthropology

  • Classics

  • Communication

  • Economics

  • English

  • Global Languages and Cultures

  • History

  • International Studies

  • Journalism

  • Neuroscience

  • Philosophy

  • Political Science

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Telecommunication

  • University Studies

  • Women and Gender Studies

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